Airbus Futuristic Aircraft: Bird of Prey

  • Airbus unveils the new concept aircraft “Bird of Prey”
  • How this aircraft is sustainable and “green” for the environment
  • New concept seats made from Airbus and design company LAYER


Airbus has unveiled a new aircraft concept that looks like a bird with a goal to push the next generation of aircraft engineers. This aircraft named “Bird of Prey” applies technologies such as hybrid-electric propulsion, active control systems, and advanced composite structures. Airbus unveiled this aircraft at the Royal International Air Tattoo air show in the United Kingdom. The inspiration for this aircraft came from the mechanics of a bird, it has wings and tail structures that mimics a bird of prey. This aircraft includes a blended wing-to-fuselage joint that mirrors the aerodynamics of an eagle.

Airbus wanted to use the Bird of Prey to inspire the next generation of engineers to get excited to make a career in aerospace and to ‘wow’ the world with aircrafts such as the Bird of Prey. The aircraft would be capable of caring up to 80 passengers and would burn 30%-50% less fuel than aircrafts that are operating today. New seat deigns that Airbus has been working on with design company LAYER would be used on this jet. These seats are made of a fiber thats connected to built-in smart sensors that allow passengers to control the seat temperature, movement, and tension from an app on their phone.

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