Trump Force One

  • Inside Trumps custom Boeing 757
  • Where Trump keeps his jet while it is being repaired
  • Post Presidency, how Trump uses his Boeing 757


Donald Trump‘s Boeing 757, previously owned by American Airlines, is the crown jewel of his billionaire status. Purchased in 2011 by Microsoft co-Founder Paul Allen, Donald Trump has added a few of his own touches to this jet. He has used his jet for photo shoots, presidential rallies, and to promote anything that goes on in Donald Trump’s outrageous lifestyle. Trump loves to show off his customized cream-colored leather seats, bathrooms, and seat buckles that are dipped in 24-karat gold.  A plane like this usually has 134 seats, but this plane was reconfigured to hold just 24 passengers in the lap of luxury.

Post- presidency,  Trump Force One has been idle at Stewart Airport waiting for repairs. New Yorks Stewart International Airport is not a great choice for Trump to keep his jet at. With temperatures dropping lower than 10 degrees Fahrenheit at times, the jet can start to get damaged between the rain, snow, and cold weather, making Trump Force One need more repairs. One of the jets Rolls Royce RB211 Turbofan Engines was broken and removed from the plane. Waiting for parts for a Rolls Royce engine can take a while to arrive, and will not be cheap to be repaired and inspected, expecting a price tag of 6 figures. In the meantime with his Boeing 757 jet in maintenance, Trump has been flying on his Cessna 750 Citation X which is smaller and less luxurious than his Boeing, but does the job of getting Trump from place to place in luxurious fashion.

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