Tiger Woods Private Jet

  • How this aircraft implements a new way of taking off and landing
  • What Co Founder James Dorris has to say about the VTOL aircraft

The Golf Legend, Tiger Woods, owns a $63 million Gulfstream G550 with a top speed of 680 mph and a maximum range of 7,767 nautical miles. The interior of the aircraft includes a bedroom, a walk in closet, specious bathrooms, and an elegant dining area for Tiger and his family, able to sit 18 passengers.

The jet has satellite television as well as high speed internet access for cell phone and laptop use. Woods uses the jet’s enormous range of 7,767 miles without refuelling to fly from tournaments back to his luxury £41m home in Jupiter, Florida. That’s when he’s not staying on his superyacht Privacy, which set him back £15million.

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