Turkish A400M Aircraft Evacuated Over 200 Turkish Citizens from Kabul

  • When the Turkish A400M evacuated the Turkish Citizens
  • Words from Turkish citizens about the scene at the airport

A Turkish Armed Forces aircraft carrying over 200 Turkish citizens departed Kabul, Afghanistan Wednesday morning. After circling the airport waiting for the runway to clear, the Turkish A400M left Afghanistan as soon as they picked up the Turkish citizens. Turkish citizens who were evacuated to safety told Anadolu Agency what the scene was down in Kabul at the airport. 

Nakimola Colak, who came from Turkey’s southern Hatay province to Afghanistan three years ago, said that they reached the airport without any problems.Kadir, another Turkish citizen, said that he worked for two years at the airport maintaining and repairing security systems.”The Taliban’s entry into Kabul, everything happened in one day, We immediately got to our embassy and the Foreign Ministry. We’re safe now and hopefully we’ll fly back to our country,” Kadir said. 

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