Connor McGregors Private Jet “Notorious Airways”

  • What kind of Jet Connor McGregor owns
  • What “Notorious Airways” is

After Connor McGreggor boxed Floyd Mayweather, McGreggor became alot richer, leaving the fight with $100 million more dollars in his bank account, making him one of the wealthiest athletes in the world. Just recently, he passed Cristiano Ronaldo in the list of the top richest athletes on earth. Mcgregor’s Cessna 560 XL with the tail # G-CGMF costs him around $15-$30 million. Connor McGreggor named his jet “Notorious Airways,” getting it painted on the side of his jet as well as a picture of his face.

‘Notorious Airways’ has been created by Conor McGregor and his new sponsor, Betsafe, as an exclusive private jet to fly a small selection of lucky fans, two members of his Straight Blast Gym and Betsafe competition winners to his fights with exclusive access to prim seating.McGregor also created a surprise ‘plane safety video’ message for all 32 passengers to ensure those on-board travelled safely and adhered to ‘Notorious Airways’ private jet ‘rules and regulations’.

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