Taliban Parade Around Afghanistan with U.S. Weapons

  • What U.S weapons the Taliban are thought to be in possession of
  • A Video of Afghanistans Independence Day

The Taliban has been parading through the streets of Afghanistan proudly displaying American Weapons. According to Erem News, the Taliban was “showcasing” its special forces troops, dressed in white and waving the official flag of the jihadist organization. The video shows the terrorists wearing face coverings, apparently bulletproof vests, and large firearms that Erem suggested were of American origin. The event reportedly occurred on Thursday, Afghanistan’s Independence Day: To watch the video, click HERE.

The Taliban’s newfound American arsenal is likely not limited to small arms, as the group captured sizable stockpiles of weapons and vehicles held at strongholds once controlled by US-backed forces, including modern mine-resistant vehicles (MRAPs) and Humvees. Initial estimates suggest the Taliban may now also possess several Black Hawk helicopters and other US-funded military aircraft, that potentially includes roughly 20 A-29 Tucano attack planes, the source said, noting there are some indications that only a small number of aircraft were relocated from a base in Kandahar before it was overrun by the Taliban. At the moment, there are no plans for the US to take any action to destroy the weapons by using airstrikes or other means, unless something poses a direct threat to American troops at the airport, administration officials told CNN.

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