Swiss Tennis Superstar: Roger Federer’s Private Jet

  • How the Swiss Tennis star makes his fortune
  • What the NetJets Ambassador thinks of NetJets team

As the richest tennis star in the world, the Swiss star, Roger Federer gained his wealth through championship prize money and hefty sponsorship and endorsement deals. His net worth is closing in on $1 billion, with reported earnings of $900 million, putting him in an exclusive list of athletes such as Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, and Christiano Ronaldo. His sponsorship deals with big-ticket brands are a major reason behind his wealth. Currently, Roger Federer has deals with Rolex, Moet Chandon, Credit Suisse, Mercedes Benz, Lindt and a lucrative deal with Japanese manufacturer Uniqlo. As a NetJets ambassador, Federer likes to travel around in NetJets owned aircrafts, having access to the largest private jet fleet in the world for Federer to pick and choose from. 

This is what Federer has to say about his private jet- “I believe in having the right team around yourself. If I’m still on tour today its definitely because of NetJets as well because it’s made my life on tour so much easier.”​​

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