Canada Halts Evacuation Flights After Explosions, Leaving Canadians Behind in Kabul

  • How many Canadians still remain in Kabul
  • When the Canadian Prime Minister expects to evacuate the rest of the Canadian Civilians still in Kabul

Canadian forces airlifted some 3,700 people from Kabul amid the Taliban’s rapid takeover this month. It is so far unclear how many Canadians remain in Afghanistan, but Canada will work with allies in the coming months to try and find sfe strategies to evacuate their Canadian citizens still in Kabul. The official withdrawal of Canadian forces came just hours ahead of a bombing at Kabul airport. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who is seeking re-election next month, has promised to resettle 20,000 Afghans in Canada in the coming “months and years”.  

Canada’s immigration department has received a total of 2,500 applications – covering 8,000 people – under a special immigration program designed for vulnerable Afghans, including those who assisted the Canadian military. Canada formally withdrew its military from Afghanistan in 2014, but forces returned in recent weeks to airlift Canadians and allies out of the country. “We wish we could have stayed longer and rescued everyone who was so desperate to leave,” said Gen Wayne Eyre, the acting chief of Canada’s defence staff.

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