Germany’s Last Military Transport Aircraft Departs Kabul Airport

  • How many German Citizens have been evacuated to safety
  • When NATO countries re going to stop evacuation flights

The German military has completed its airlift operations from the Kabul airport, security sources told news agencies Reuters and DPA on Thursday. The mission ended four days before an August 31 deadline for evacuations and a US troop withdrawal. A spokesperson for the German Defense Ministry told reporters that the security at the Kabul Airport “has deteriorated further and the threat of a terror attack is becoming increasingly concrete.” Through the airlift efforts, Germany’s Bundeswehr managed to safely evacuate over 5,100 people, including more than 3,600 Afghans. It’s not clear how many German nationals are still left in the country. The German Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that some 200 German citizens are still believed to be in Kabul.  

France has announced that it will end its evacuation operations on Friday afternoon. The UK is planning to end its airlift efforts before US forces depart at the end of the month. The Netherlands said it will carry out its last evacuation flight from Kabul on Thursday. Denmark said its last flight carrying troops and diplomats had already left Kabul’s airport. Poland and Belgium have already ended their evacuations and withdrawn all military personnel from Afghanistan. Hungary said its army had evacuated all Hungarian citizens from Afghanistan.

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