Celine Dions Private Jet

  • What kind of privaet jet Celine Dion owns
  • Specs of the XRS aircraft

Celine Dion owns a $42 million Global Express XRS from Bombardier that is able to accomdate 14 people and travel around the world. With this jet, Celine Dion will therefore be able to move fairly quickly between two shows or two countries. This jet will be enough to take to the skies with her three children René Charles, Eddy and Nelson, or even her two Labradors. This massive jet that is big enough to contain several bathrooms and a full kitchen, maintaining and housing something like that is said to cost someone roughly $3 million a year. With a fuel range of 6,000 nautical miles or 12 hours, Celine could fly to campaign stops anywhere in the lower 48 states or even Anchorage, Alaska, and back without refueling.

The Global Express was the business jet with the largest cabin, until being surpassed by the later Gulfstream G650. The 10.3-psi cabin pressurization maintains a 4,500-ft. cabin altitude up to FL 450 and 5,680 ft at the FL 510 ceiling.The cabin has an unobstructed length of 14.6 m (48 ft) while the floor is dropped by 51 mm (2.0 in) from the Challenger to increase width at shoulder level, while the windows have been repositioned and enlarged by 25%.

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