Air Charter Expo Returns to London in September

  • What airport this event will be held
  • A word from ACA’s CEO about the event and what the expo has to offer

The Air Charter Association (ACA) plans to return to holding its Air Charter Expo (ACE) in an in-person format on September 14 at London Biggin Hill Airport. Air Charter Expo is a unique exhibition, giving you the opportunity to come and present your services to your most important customers. For charter operators, the economical exhibit space is complemented by a superb static display only a few metres away where you can welcome customers aboard your aircraft. More than 20 aircraft are also expected to be on display in a hangar and adjacent open-air static aircraft park during the one-day show. This display will include what organizers claim will be the “first electric aircraft to market.”

A seminar will be given to address issues affecting charter brokers and aircraft operating companies, including sustainability, illegal air charter, and pushing the aviation industry forward into the future. A second session will be held in the afternoon and will focus on how private aviation can go green, hitting key points such as electric or hybrid aircrafts. 

ACA CEO Glenn Hogben said “As the first real-life industry expo event for our community since March 2020, we are extremely excited to reunite the air charter industry this September, In-person networking has been severely stunted over the past year and ACE offers renewed business opportunities for aviation professionals.”

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