Ptero Dynamics is Looking to Introduce a New Type of Aircraft to the Market

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  • A statement from the Pentagon on the U.S military casualties

PteroDynamics is an aircraft design and manufacturing company. We founded PteroDynamics to bring to the world our novel Transwing VTOL aircraft design that folds its wings during flight to transition between rotorcraft and fixed-wing configurations. The Transwing aircraft design has key advantages over other VTOL designs that are critical for certain missions, especially carrying heavier payloads over longer distances, which is necessary to unlock the full potential of advanced air mobility. Ptero believes that Transwing aircraft can benefit humankind and the planet by serving as a superior transport platform, saving us all time and money and reducing the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere. 

Ptero patented Transwing design solves the most critical challenge facing VTOL aircraft: substantially greater range for any given energy source and payload weight fraction. This is critical to unleash the market opportunity for advanced air mobility. Transwing aircraft fold their wings during flight to transition between rotorcraft and fixed-wing configurations. Transwing aircraft also have substantially better controllability in takeoff, landing, and hover flight and typically have 1/3 or less of the ground footprint of other aircraft with the same wingspan. This permits operations in more compact touchdown and liftoff areas and windier conditions.

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