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 Exec 1 Aviation is committed to getting you to your destination in the most efficient and comfortable way possible. All of this is under their continuous operating mandate that the safety of Exec 1s customers and crews is our priority. Every time you fly with Exec 1 Aviation it’s “Your flight, designed for you.”

Exec 1s safety protocol begins with their primary Operating Partner, Exec1Aviation. All of Exec1’s aircraft, and the FBO are under the IS-BAO safety management system. IS-BAO is the most stringent certification in the industry, including over 800 audit points that require a 2-year process to complete. Any operator engaged outside of Exec1Aviation must have a minimum of one of the top three safety certifications: AR/GUS, WYVERN, IS-BAO, or be part of the Exec 1 Aviation-Certified Safety Management System. Exec 1 Aviation provides you access to hundreds of different types of aircraft from Light Jets through Jumbo Jets. No matter your charter needs, the Flight Operations Team will provide you with a recommendation and procure specifically the type of aircraft you desire. In order to eliminate as much hassle from your travel experience as possible. A simple call to your agent or Service Request is all it takes for Exec 1 to arrange car services to-and-from the airport. They can provide casual transportation or luxury limousines to get you on your way.

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