LEAP Aerospace is Looking to Make Aviation Supersonic

  • a word from the founder of LEAP Aerospace on the future of aviation
  • How fast you can get from point to point on this aircraft

“If you are tired of long waiting hours due to the traditional flights, the wait is over now. We welcome you to the new world of “The Next Generation of Supersonic Travel”, says Priven Reddy the Founder of Aerospace startup L.E.A.P. 

Commercial and traditional air traveling is renovated by a sustainable next-generation supersonic flight to the height of the skies. LEAP is the acronym for Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion. Leap Aerospace is here to prove itself as the World’s Fastest airliner and its emergence on the horizon will aim to mute the “sonic boom” on technical grounds. The team working on the design of Leap Aerospace is directed to launch an aviation solution that will be useful for air surveillance, air logistics, tourism, emergency air operations, and business travel.  LEAP will be ready to pre-sell its aircraft to the cargo and transportation organization by early 2022. Additionally, Leap currently has no interest in selling the commodities to the private community. Leap is working with a vision to manufacture greater models including 70 or more passenger 2.0 aircraft series.

LEAP will function at a twice greater speed, much greater than the speed of sound, and the passengers will experience lifelong benefits for spending relaxing vacations to far-off places in shorter time spans. LEAP Aerospace is up to 100x quieter than a helicopter and transitions to forward flight gradually gaining speed with operational efficiency similar to an airplane. LEAP hypersonic Aerospace is starting up on a self-funded basis. It will offer non-stop flights from New York to London in under just 3 hours, & from Johannesburg to Beijing in +/- 3.5 hours.

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