Virgin Galactic Missions Have Been Grounded as the US Federal Aviation Authority Claim the Flight Breached Airspace Travel Guidance

  • a statement from the FAA on the issue

Richard Branson’s ‘space license’ has been suspended because his historic flight into space went slightly off course while carrying him and three employees.

A statement from the US Federal Aviation Authority said of the breach of pre-agreed airspace travel: “Virgin Galactic may not return the SpaceShipTwo vehicle to flight until the FAA approves the final mishap investigation report or determines the issues related to the mishap do not affect public safety.”

Virgin Galactic says it’s cooperating fully with the FAA and trying to work out how to stop future trajectory deviations. Branson made history on July 11 by becoming the first man to get above the boundary of space in a commercial craft. He wants to get his space tourism business going in the second half of 2022 as 600 people have now put down deposits for seats costing up to £325,000 each.

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