VistaJet Enhanced its Pet-First Program VistaPet, to Ensure Safety for Pets

  • What training the crew and flight attendants have gone through to ensure pet safety
  • A statement from the Pentagon on the U.S military casualties

One out of four VistaJet members fly with their pets, and with the increased number of animals flying private, VistaJet has enhanced their pet-first program VistaPet, to ensure safety for all flights. VistaJet holds the highest safety ratings of any business aviation operator across flight operations, aircraft maintenance, safety, risk assessment and compliance standards.

As part of the VistaPet offering, the crew also go through thorough training to help provide top-level care for animal passengers. Their expertise spans the latest in health and safety guidance for in-flight pet care, including: Reading animal body language to gauge their mood and actions, Learning safe methods of animal restraint in case of distress or danger, Checking vital signs such as heart rate, body temperature and capillary refill time, Knowing when and how to safely perform pet CPR and Recognizing and responding to signs of choking and poisoning.

In the unlikely event of an emergency, VistaJets crew is also educated on how to check a pet’s vital signs, such as heart rate and pulse, body temperature and capillary refill time to ensure the safety of your pet. If a pet is showing signs of choking, VistaJets team is trained on multiple techniques to dislodge objects safely and they can perform CPR if the situation calls for it. They can also recognize and respond to symptoms of insect or food poisoning.

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