FlexJet is the First Jet Provider to earn the FAAs Diamond Award of Excellence for 22 Consecutive Years.

  • What this means to the CEO of FlexJet
  • What the Diamond Award is

Flexjet LLC, a leading provider of fractional jet ownership, today announced that it has been awarded the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Diamond Award of Excellence for Aviation Maintenance Technician Training for 2020. This marks the 22nd consecutive year that Flexjet has been honored with the prestigious Diamond Award, more than any other private jet travel provider.

Safety is Flexjet’s utmost priority, and achieving it starts on the ground, before an aircraft ever takes off, with aircraft that are maintained at the highest possible level to ensure maximum safety and performance,” said Flexjet Chief Executive Officer Michael Silvestro. “Our aircraft maintenance team members have extraordinary skill and expertise, and they sustain this excellence through constant training. Their hard work and dedication to their craft is reflected in this award, which honors their commitment to our Owners and flight crews.”

The FAA Diamond Award is the premier level of recognition within the William (Bill) O’Brien Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program. Qualifying for the award requires that all of Flexjet’s maintenance technicians participate in specialized, continuous training in aviation safety, technical knowledge, aircraft systems, aviation regulations and FAA rules over a 12-month period at levels that surpass not only FAA requirements but also industry standards.

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