Kurt Belcher, CEO of STA Jets

  • Kurts career in aviation
  • How Kurt fell in love with aviation from a young age

Kurt is the founder and CEO of STA Jets, and has overseen its growth from 2009, when he purchased the one-plane charter company at John Wayne Airport. Today, with over 30 aircraft and counting, STA is the most flown private charter solution for Orange County. STA is founded on passion and a dedication to the future that is shared among like-minded team members.

Kurt’s love of flight, like most, started young, developing into a profession after he received certification through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, together with a business degree. Kurt flew as a pilot, worked as an instructor, and operated an FBO jet center before taking on the development of STA Jets.

In addition to aviation, Kurt has an unwavering dedication to the future. He’s a board member of GenNext, an issues-based organization that focuses on security, education, and economic growth for the next generation. He is also on the board of the OC Chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, one of the strongest chapters in the nation.

As STA continues to grow, Kurt takes pride looking up to see more STA flights taking off, and knowing that the work he’s doing is changing his community for the better.

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