Aviation company VistaJet Sees More People Hiring Private Jets to Fly

  • How much VistaJet chargers per hour
  • A statement from the owner of VistaJet

While people are flying again, the numbers aren’t anywhere near where they were before COVID hit. Some people are turning their backs on commercial flights and taking private jets. Leona Qi is the president of VistaJet U.S., a company that flies almost 80 private jets to nearly every country on earth.

“On average, there are 700 touchpoints when you’re flying commercial from point a to point b. Through the airport, including if you need to use the restroom, you purchase food, etc. When you’re flying private, you go through an FBO. In some cases, you go to the airplane directly from your car. The touchpoint is only around 20, so that’s 35 times less. So that’s a big reason that a lot of people start to fly private. As a matter of fact, 70% of our incoming inquiries are coming from folks that were never flying private before.”

“Our cost is anywhere from $12,000 an hour to $25,000 an hour. So it is much higher than flying commercial. That’s something that travelers should take into consideration.” Vista Jet says in those cases it will offer up seats for humanitarian efforts, such as flying stranded citizens home.

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