Aviation Startup ‘Lillium’ Looks to be a Leader in Air Mobility

  • Inside Lilliums technology
  • CEO profile on Daniel Weigand

Lillium has an ambitious team with diverse backgrounds and talents. Backed by their investors and working in partnership with governments, regulators and specialist suppliers, Lillium has got the drive and expertise to make electric flight a reality.

Daniel Wiegand leads Lilium as the CEO. A specialist in propulsion, he pioneered Lilium’s aircraft architecture while studying Aeronautics at the Technical University of Munich. He was named Under 35 Innovator of the Year by the MIT Technology Review.

Since 2015, lilliums been developing proprietary technology that powers our all-electric vertical take-off and landing jets. Through an iterative process, Lillium designed, built and tested 4 generations of prototypes including our current 5-seat technology demonstrator. In 2018, they applied for concurrent type certification with EASA and FAA for a larger Lilium Jet and subsequently began work behind the scenes on our 7-seater – an aircraft enabling a sustainable and accessible mode of high-speed travel.

The proprietary technology at the core of the Lilium Jet is Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust (DEVT) which they have refined through successive generations of technology demonstrators. Electric jet engines integrated into the wing flaps provide advantages in payload, aerodynamic efficiency and a lower noise profile, whilst also providing thrust vector control to maneuver the Lilium Jet through every phase of flight.

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