Americas Newest Airline, Breeze Airways is adding 20 Jets to Their Fleet

  • How far in advance before creating the company, Breeze Airways placed the largest order of A220 aircrafts to date

European aviation giant Airbus revealed that the airline had placed an order for 20 additional A220 aircraft on top of the 60 firm orders already existing. While many may think that the pandemic would be the worst time to start an airline, startup CEOs disagree. A couple of weeks ago, PLAY reported a better than expected start, while Breeze, having launched in late May, is now working on expanding its fleet.

In January 2019, David Neeleman’s startup airline, then known as Moxy, made it clear that it was serious. Despite being over two years away from its launch, the airline placed one of the largest A220 orders yet. This was for 60 aircraft at the time.

Now, the airline is upping the game, even before its first Airbus A220 starts flying. For a while now, Airbus has been sitting on many undisclosed orders for the A220 type, with 21 listed for the -300 at the end of August. The manufacturer has now confirmed that 20 of these are due to go to Breeze. This isn’t totally unexpected, as Simple Flying reported this might be the case back in April 2021. With the additional 20 Airbus A220-300 orders, Breeze is currently set to become the world’s second-largest Airbus A220 operator.

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