Airbus to Test Shape-Shifting ‘Extra Performance Wing’

  • Details oft the shape-shifting wing
  • How this will help with aircraft emissions to our environment

Airbus said on Wednesday it would research an “extra performance wing” capable of changing shape during flight in an effort to secure greater efficiencies and reduce emissions. The project – first reported by industry publication The Air Current – complements the same planemaker’s UK-based “Wing of Tomorrow” eco-wing programme, which is preparing the ground for future competition with U.S. rival Boeing

The new “extra performance” project will focus on the actual design and aerodynamic performance of such a wing, officials said at a company environmental conference, the Airbus Summit. The proposed new wing would include “pop-up spoilers” or wing surfaces to alter its profile and get the best performance, just as a bird twists its feathers, Airbus officials said.

The announcement came at the end of a two-day conference designed to showcase industry pledges to cut emissions amid climate concerns from politicians and investors 

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