Shortage Of Pilots In The Private Jet Industry

  • Shortage of pilots
  • Private jet owners struggling

Many people who can afford to own a private jet do it for the ease of travel. In this case it’s a different story, private jet owners are struggling to use their aircraft due to the obstacle at face of finding pilots.

Owners of private jets could be left grounded in the coming years due to a shortage of pilots willing to chart a course for the super-rich.

However industry figures have warned the 1 per cent are unlikely to be able to find someone to staff their jets if more than 5,000 extra pilots are not found every year over the next two decades.

The current spike of COVID-19 is no friend of this shortage either. As pilots are unwilling to fly certain routs, even the ones that will are under pressure as flights are being canceled daily in both commercial and private aviation due to pilots having to take time off due to COVID-19.

The industry is hoping that as time moves forward this trend comes to an end and pilots are no longer a rare commodity. This rarity of pilots is pushing to make the pilots who can fly right now a pretty penny to have.

This problem also just becomes bigger and bigger for private flyers because as pilots go down and down the commercial airlines are beginning to pay mass amounts of money for pilots to make the switch from private aircraft to commercial.

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