Qatar Airways seeks more than $600M in Airbus A350 dispute

  • Qatar Airways is seeking more than $600 million in compensation from Airbus over flaws and defects on it’s A350 aircraft.
  • Qatar Airways is also asking if Airbus would suspend it’s delivery on any more of the jets until the problem is solved.
FILE PHOTO: An Airbus A350 takes off at the aircraft builder’s headquarters in Colomiers near Toulouse, France, September 27, 2019. REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

Qatar Airways is seeking over $600 million compensation over faulty defects and flaws with their A350 jetliners.

The two companies have been at it for months now, and other issues such as cracked paint, window, and frames have come up in conversation as well. Moreover, one aircraft needed 980 repair patches relating to blistered paint.

Qatar Airways said that the issues with the airplanes were “disturbing, if not alarming.”

Qatar Airways ordered suspension of 21/53 of it’s A350 aircrafts and has filed numerous disputes about all of the technical issues.

The issues have since been passed onto High Court division in London. As mentioned previously, Qatar Airways is seeking over $600M in compensation as the A350 aircrafts have been parked for nearly a year.

The relationship that was once considered friendly, is now in jeopardy as the issue is currently being resolved and is in the hands of the court.

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