The Boost In Demand For Boeing Business Jets

  • High demand for boeing business jets
  • The 25 year history of the boeing business jet

The demand for airline sized private jets has drastically increased over the years as Boeing has expanded and modified their fleet of business jets.

The Boeing Business jet is the largest private jet manufacturing company in the market today.

2021 marks the 25-year anniversary of Boeing Business Jets, which launched in 1996. The company has a long history of manufacturing aircraft for both commercial and private use but eventually combined the two products into an official line of bizjets.

Boeing also developed the VIP VC-137C, which was the first jet aircraft built for presidential use.

Along with the history of the Boeing Business jet the aircraft is the definition of elite flying. The aircrafts are made for the mega rich being able to travel almost all around the world in a single tank of fuel allowing for endless travel.

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