Lear 35A Hits Powerlines causing a Fatal Crash

According to reports, on December 27th, a Lear 35A hit a powerline and crashed into the yard of a house near the runway. The aircraft was flying from the outskirts of Los Angeles to San Diego, and as soon as the plane crashed into the powerlines, the two pilots and passengers were killed thereafter.

The reports said the aircraft changed destinations to land, and that request was cleared. The pilot requested for the lights on the runway to be increased to give him clearer sight, however, it seemed that the lights were on at “100%” capacity.

The weather was also one to note as well, as reports say that there was “wind variable(s) at five knots, visibility three statute miles, mist, broken cloud layer at 2,000 feet, overcast cloud layer at 2,600 feet, temperature of 10 degrees C, dew point of 8 degrees C.”

NTSB says that they will release the full report of the accident in 1-2 years.

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