The NELK Boys Flying Private

  • Youtubers claim to fame
  • The NELK Boys love for private jets

NELK, also referred to as the NELK Boys, is a Canadian YouTube channel and entertainment company. They are known for their prank videos, vlogs, and their brand Full Send Entertainment.

The NELK Boys have blown up over the years through their FullSend brand and their youtube videos giving them mass amounts of money.

The NELK Boys travel extremely frequently and love to do so privately. The have been seen flying on all sizes of private aircrafts from King Airs to Challenger 604s. they clearly enjoy living a lavish lifestyle and showing off their private jets that they fly on.

The NELK Boys do not own their own private jet but they do fly with companies such as XO Jets and NetJets.

These youtubers tend to do most of their flying in and out of cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas.

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