Rolls-Royce’s New Electric Aircraft Breaks Record for Fastest Speed

Rolls-Royce’s newest electric aircraft called the Spirit of Innovation became the world’s fastest all-electric vehicle in the world this month.

The previous record was around 213 mph and Rolls Royce beat it by 132 MPH, giving the aircraft a record breaking speed of 345 MPH.

Rolls-Royce CEO Warren East made a statement about the achievement. “Achieving the all-electric world-speed record is a fantastic achievement for the ACCEL team and Rolls-Royce. I would like to thank our partners and especially aviation start-up Electroflight, for their collaboration in achieving this pioneering breakthrough,”

He also mentioned that the aircraft has an advanced battery, and is directly in line with the “jet zero” agenda. Currently, there is a push to deliver technological inventions to decarbonize transportation emissions through the air, land and sea, and this new record is a stepping stone in pursuit of that initiative.

We can expect additional advancements and developments in sustainable travel in the future, as many are eager to introduce a net-zero environment as soon as possible.

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