Pilot may have Crashed Aircraft On Purpose for Attention, Aviation Consultants Say

Aviation consultants online have made accusations saying that Jacob, a YouTuber, crashed his plane on purpose to try and get attention.

Jacob is known for sharing videos of wild stunts and other related antics on his page, and has over 100,000 subscribers.

When his aircraft went down due to engine failure, there were pictures surfacing that he parachuted out of the aicraft and touched down on the hills before the plane crashed. He filmed himself discovering the broken aircraft and was up in arms about his lack of water, wifi, and injuries from the crash.

“I am exhausted. I’m so thirsty. I’m scared, I’m in trouble, I’m cut all over the place…The only option I have is crawling through these bushes like I have been for the last five hours. And, uh, I’m in pain, man. I’m hurting. Whatever I’m going through, I wish upon nobody.”

Aviation consultants and bloggers are questioning the authenticity of the video and are discussing if it was real or not. There are reports that he unlatched his door earlier before the engine failure, did not search for a safe landing spot when he was going down, and he wore a large parachute when he flew.

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