After 64 years of Service, Helicopter Manufacturer “Enstrom” Files Bankruptcy

After building more than 1,000 helicopters for over 60 years, Enstrom will file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Enstrom was owned by China’s Chongquing General Aviation Industry Group (CGAG) who made the announcement yesterday.

“Enstrom’s management team is aware of multiple groups who have expressed a strong interest in buying Enstrom assets and reopening the company post-bankruptcy,” said Dennis Martin, former director of sales.

Enstrom operated in Michigan around the same time period as Ford produced their automobiles. Rudy Enstrom, the founder of Enstrom, built prototypes of helicopters in his garage at an early age.

Since then they have brought several new models of helicopters to market but the number of deliveries have decreased over the years.

Through the first 3 quarters of the year, Enstrom only delivered only 2 helicopters.

Enstrom could garner interest from investors for their fleet and inventory. On top of that, many research and development employees and engineers will find themselves an opportunity in an industry that is trying to make a full rebound.

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