Textron comes out with the first SkyCourier

Textron Aviation has been ramping their production in utility twin-turboprops and just recently came out with one of their newest models.

Introducing the Cessna 408 SkyCourier, this aircraft brings, “cabin flexibility, payload capability, performance, and low operating costs to the twin-engine utility segment” says Textron President and CEO Ron Draper.

FedEx ordered 50 of these aircrafts with the option to order 50 more, and will be obtaining these planes incrementally year after year.

The SkyCourier is suitable for both cargo and commuter purposes that can carry up to 6,000 pounds. The aircraft also has a 60-70 inch wide and tall cabin, a near 90 inch cargo door, and a flat floor.

On top of that, this aircraft can seat 19 passengers with room for luggage and other equipment.

The trend to developing aircrafts for multi-use purposes is ever-so growing, and Textron is the first name to make their presence within this space.

Draper also added, “Today is a rewarding day for our employees, who have worked to design and build what I believe will become a legendary airplane for our company.”

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