Airbus rescinds Plane Orders as Qatar Airways Dispute Thickens

The dispute between Qatar Airways and Airbus thickens as more orders for some of the Jets that were ordered were rescinded.

As a refresher, there were defects on some of the aircrafts that Qatar Airways ordered. They are one of Airbus’ coveted customers, and signed a $600 million contract with them to order some of their airplanes. Because of the defects, Qatar Airways sued Airbus and is asking them to remodify the planes that were ordered so that the defects are not only taken care of, but the future planes that Qatar receives do not have defects either.

Airbus clapped back and said that the damage does not warrant that much of an issue.

This dispute is now getting bigger as Airbus is taking away some of the airplanes that were ordered from Qatar Airways. They fully canceled an order for the A321neo jet, which is in high demand.

“[Airbus] terminated delivery positions for two A350s for Qatar Airways in full compliance with our rights” said a spokesman from Airbus

Qatar Airways has since ordered planes from Airbus’ competitor Boeing, and have even talked about a potential deal in the future.

The one takeaway from this dispute is this: it could get ugly real fast, real quick.

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