Boeing and GE to Work Together on Building A Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

General Electric ($GE) and Boeing ($BA) have signed a deal together to break into the electric aviation industry. Under the agreement, Boeing will provide GE with airplane specifications, flight testing, and systematic information services.

They will work together to build an airplane that is hybrid-electric, meaning that it will run on electricity and gas.

The hope is to make a motor that is electric and a generator that will run in conjunction with the engine and run on electricity as well.

Christine Andrews, GE Aviation’s hybrid leader made a comment about the partnership.

“We are looking to be able to charge batteries, as well as moving power to the engine and side-to-side…”

This would bring about a huge push for a fully-electric aircraft, as it goes directly in line with many government’s agenda to reduce carbon emissions.

GE Aviation has been working on developing a hybrid electric system for quite some time, and this partnership pushes them in the right direction to be able to make it into a reality.

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