Bombardier Beat Earnings, but provide caution for Future Deliveries

Bombardier beat earnings this past year with revenues up 7% and earnings up 200%. They released plans as well to increase deliveries by 15-20% in 2023.

However, in that quarter, their deliveries were down from 44 business jets a year ago to 38. Learjet deliveries were down approximately 50% as well.

Business jet revenues were down despite them increasing their revenues and earnings, which were due to delivery and supply chain issues this year.

That said, Bombardier expects to increase deliveries and output in 2023, as the time of production will decrease according to the company.

Supply, production, and delivery issues will weigh heavy for the company this year. Backlogs, pricing, and on-time delivery will pose threats to the company this year if the aforementioned issues grow larger.

Eric Martel, CEO of Bombardier made a comment about the company’s performance in 2021. “[This past year] was a year of “planning, execution, and prudence.”

This is overall a good sign for the aviation industry as it makes a rebound from the drawback that it saw from 2020. That said, going forward, there are threats and issues to keep an eye on for the industry to make a full recovery.

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