American Airlines and United Airlines weigh decisions about flights to Australia


With tourism demand increasing, one would think that that flights would be in high demand as well.

However, it is the complete opposite, at least for Australia. Flights from the United States to Australia are in extremely low demand, with only 15-20% of seats filled on a consistent basis.

United Airlines had a flight from Sydney to San Francisco and only flew with 16% of their seats filled. 28 out of 266 seats were occupied, leaving nearly 220+ seats open.

As a result, many aviation companies are deciding if it is in their best interest to fly out to Australia with the low seating capacity. American Airlines suspended all flights to Australia in 2021, but resumed flights there just last month.

The demand environment is a bit all over the place as of now, as airlines are in dire need to fill seats.

Some analysts believe that airlines will only hold flights for locations in high demand, and push out flights to later dates for destinations where there is low demand.

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