LaGuardia (KLGA) shows off ~$4 Billion Delta Terminal

LaGuardia Airport (KLGA) in New York just recently announced plans to go through with a $4B Delta terminal.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo provided some insight on the new initiative. “We had to do it…We are better than what LaGuardia is.”

LaGuardia is known to have an inefficient, outdated airport that President Biden once called a “third world country”. Albeit offending some New York residents, Cuomo did not disagree with his statement.

With constant delays, construction, and vast array of inefficiencies, the airport is undergoing a $8B rebuild.

With the Delta terminal being built for $4B, this will act as a first step in turning around the airport for the better. It is expected to be done around 2026, and will have about 4 concourses connected to the terminal.

As luxury travel advisor Julie Banning stated, “It is a nightmare [of an] airport.”

The hope is that LaGuardia will lose it’s bad reputation overtime with significant investments being made to the airport, and this first initial investment is a big stepping stone in giving the airport a 360 turnaround.

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