Sentient Partners with 4Air to Support Zero-Emission led Projects

After expressing publicly about a sustainability objective, Sentient recorded a 300% carbon and emissions offset for over 25,000 legs flown. Partnering with a sustainability company called 4Air, this partnership strives to reduce carbon emissions and offset all aviation emissions.

The emissions that they strive to offset and reduce include gas, carbon, NO2, vapor, and other related substances. A lot of these substances account for nearly 2/3 of all the emissions in the air that come from an aircraft, and Sentient is providing this program for free to all of its members.

The offsets will be deployed to support projects surrounding renewable energy and conservation of forests across the globe.

Sentient President and CEO Andrew Collins made a statement about the partnership. “We’ve made strides on the sustainability front in terms of how we are thinking and handling it differently…Guided by our partnership with 4Air, the past 12 months were truly transformative, and we’re looking forward to continuing our commitment and thoughtful approach to sustainability to meet both market and customer needs.”

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