Honda Aircraft CEO set to retire by the end of March

Michimasa Fujino, CEO of Honda Aircraft, will retire on March 31. Fujino was at the head of the research, design, development, and fabrication of the HondaJet as well as the Honda Aircraft. At 62, he will leave the company and retire.

Hideto Yamasaki will takeover the role beginning in April. Fujino will serve as an advisor even though he is retiring, and will still have a role with the company.

Fujino made a statement about stepping down as the CEO. “Since I was appointed for the aircraft development project at Honda in 1986 to 1997…I wanted to design and commercialize an aircraft that could bring new value to the aviation industry—a technologically advanced, fast, efficient, comfortable, and easy-to-fly business jet. “

“This led me to come up with several technologies, including the OTWEM (over-the-wing engine mount), NLF (natural laminar flow technology on wing and nose), composite fuselage, and an advanced cockpit, which allowed us to offer customers something radically new.

“It was a tremendous experience for me to be part of Honda for over 38 years and to lead Honda’s aviation project for over 36 years, and I truly appreciate all support from HACI team members and industry leaders, which have made the HondaJet possible today.” (Source: AIN online)

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