Swiss International Showing off new State of the Art Cabin on their Boeing 777

Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) recently unveiled their new, state of the art Cabin on their Boeing 777. This aircraft will be available in the start of 2022, and will all be installed on each of their 12 Boeing 777’s.

This new premium class on their airplane is part of their initiative to become a premium airline, especially in the leisure and luxury sub industry.

SWISS Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Goudarzi made a statement on the new cabin and offering. “Our SWISS Premium Economy Class is a top-quality standout product against our international competitors. And I am delighted that we can now offer our customers this new best-in-class air travel experience. Our Premium Economy Class should be especially appealing to travellers who have flown Economy Class to date and would like to enhance their inflight comfort and convenience. So it also helps us strengthen our premium-carrier positioning in the growing leisure travel market.”

They are trying to offer this option to passengers traveling to locations in North America such as Miami and San Francisco. Customers will be offered an option to upgrade their seating to this cabin either before their flight or at the gate.

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