SWISS to fly on solar fuel in 2023

Lufthansa Group and Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) have closed a deal that would allow SWISS to use it’s solar aviation fuel.

With this agreement, SWISS would become the first carrier to use solar fuel. This is a huge push in a more sustainable, eco-friendly environment for the aviation industry.

Dieter Vranchx, SWISS CEO, made a statement on the deal. “Our team-up with Synhelion is founded on our shared vision to make carbon-neutral flying in regular flight operations possible through the use of solar fuel. We are proud that SWISS will be the first airline in the world to fly with solar kerosene.”

Dieter added that the partnership would support Swiss innovation and development, and scale technology for sustainable fuel.

Later this year, SWISS plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Germany and would be the first place to produce solar fuel.

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