What are the latest developments in Ukraine?

With the growing tensions between Ukraine and Russia, there has been a lot of events unfolding recently. Here is an overview of what has happened so far:

  • Airbus, Embraer, and Boeing cut off supply to Russian Operators
  • 15+ countries including the U.S. Banned Flights over Ukraine
  • Ukraine Airlines Pauses Flights until mid March
  • World’s Largest Plane was Destroyed

Now, there have been small talks of negotiation among Russia and Ukraine along with more countries banning flights around the area. In addition, Ukraine has said publicly that they still have a “significant majority” of its military aircraft, and that a lot of airlines have had to change their passageways of air travel.

With there being rumors of fewer commercial planes to fly, longer flights, and higher fuel costs, the ongoing tensions only make it harder for the aviation industry to make a full recovery.

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