Denver Broncos’ newest QB Russell Wilson and his Gulfstream GIV

After the Denver Broncos acquired Russell Wilson via trade, he had no problem showing the state his Gulfstream GIV.

After they landed, his private jet stuck out to much of the audience there. Fans were absolutely taken aback from the luxurious, world renowned Gulfstream GIV that Russell Wilson owns. No one had any idea that he owned this private jet.

Wilson owns a Gulfstream GIV from 2000, and the private jet is registered via his LLC just last year. It accommodates anywhere from 10-15 passengers, and costs around $1 Million – $2 Million just to operate. Depending on fuel prices, his usage of the aircraft, and crew worker’s availability, the costs could be more or less.

No one had any clue just how valuable Russell Wilson truly was until aviation fanatics and NFL fans glanced at his blacked out, Gulfstream GIV. Riding in style for the Denver Broncos‘ newest QB is an understatement, and made quite the impression as soon as he landed.

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