What is going on with all this Private M&A Activity?

Not too long ago, Vista Global Holding acquired leading Euopean private jet charter Air Hamburg. This move came right after competitor Wheels Up bought out U.S light jet charter Air Partner.

There is a lot of competition going on in the industry with lots of hope that demand will increase as well. According to new research from Private Jet Card Comparisons, more than 90% of the servants say they expect to fly the same or more as last year. 44% of those servants said they have experienced a delay or service issue, and 43% said that they are looking into alternative programs.

With this in mind, the “top dogs” are acquiring more and more companies in the hopes that their customers will not go anywhere else. Along with that, since a vast majority of customers think they will fly the same amount or more, this is an opportune time to start making timely investments. With companies being required to hold more in cash in their cash reserves as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of businesses are looking to delve deep into the M&A world.

Although Vista Global Holding is the most global aviation company in the world, Wheels up and NetJets are all going after the market share across the globe. As a result of needing to make investments in order to achieve this goal, along with heightened demand, M&A activity has been elevated for quite some time.

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