The Value for Large Business Jets grows 16.7% in a Year

Year over year, preowned large business jets have taken focus as they have grown significantly over time. As inventory shrinks and demand grows, the price as a result increases – which is the exact case with large business jets.

The biggest gains in terms of size for private aircrafts were made by large-cabin jets, according to Sandhills Global. Sandhills Global has a proprietary valuation tool that assigns key metrics to all sizes of business jets – large, super-midsize, midsize, and light business jets. In short, they assess an equipment value index (EVI) for each aircraft on their record, which gives them the increase or decrease in value.

The report said that preowned jet inventory decreased nearly 70% between February 2021 and this past February 2022. In that same time, the inventory of large business jets fell over 60%, which drove the prices higher because of the lack of supply. That, in turn, pushed the EVI upwards for large business jets over 16.7%, giving it a value of $20.3M.

For light jets ,the inventory shrunk 72.5%; midsize jets shrunk 77.5%; and the inventory for super midsize jets fell just around 70%.

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