Trump’s Private Aircraft gone Missing

Donald Trump is notorious for having his private jet, which is called “Trump Force One”. There are now reports out there that his jet is missing, but Trump downplayed this and said that it was “fake news”. He followed up and said that the aircraft is undergoing maintenance, and will be complete in 90 days.

Trump‘s aircraft is covered in red, white and blue with his name printed near the cabin of the aircraft. He has since kept this design since he left office, with no signs of change in the near future.

Trump allegedly bought the Boeing 757 for around $100M from co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen. Although he dismissed these reports, Trump did say he “bought a great airplane”.

He did say in an interview that the Boeing 757’s are a lot quieter than the 727’s, and joked that it was doing the neighbors near his Palm beach estate a favor. He said, “I did that for the benefit of Palm Beach.”

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