John Travolta, lead actor in “Grease”, obtains License to fly a Boeing 737

John Travolta, who is known to many for his role in the movie “Grease”, revealed on Instagram that he has a license to now fly a Boeing 737. See his latest Instagram post on it here:

Travolta has been flying planes for more than 40 years and owns over 6 confirmed planes. He owns a Boeing 727, Challenger 601, Challenger 601, and three Gulfstream jets. He has flown all over the world, and came back recently from a trip in Ireland.

He shared a video on Instagram at that time, and said in the video “sharing my flight with you as I head to the other side of the world for business in my Falcon 900.” He flew there with his wife Shannon, and said “our flight time is 7 hours and 5 minutes… just so everyone knows.”

Travolta has been flying planes since he was 15 years old and has been licensed ever since he was 22. He then added, “As the Irish say, ‘life is what you make it,’ it is, it is.”

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