Flexjet Receives FAA Diamond Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance for the 23rd Time in a Row

FlexJet is one of the more popularized private jet charters and is widely known for it’s high safety standards. This past year, the Federal Avation Administration awarded the company the Diamond Award of Excellence for Aviation Maintnenance for the 23rd consecutive year. This is a record that no other has come close to, and is the most in jet charter in history.

FlexJet is committed to ensuring safety to all by employing the top maintenance technicians and doing it’s best to keep up with the top safety rating such as Aviation Research Group/US (ARG/US). They are “platinum” in their ARG/US designation which gives them the highest safety ratings from the group. On top of this, they maintain an IS-BAO compliance which means they do their best to keep up with the best practices in their safety management systems.

This award is at the top of their case room, as it is their 23rd consecutive time in receiving this designation. “It is evident by the elevation of our FAA Safety Management System participation to active conformance last year to this month’s 23rd FAA Diamond Award, that the dedication of our employees to safety is habitual, and one that we are truly proud to be recognized for.”

The aviation industry has gotten a bit rocky over the past couple of years, and their FlexJet CEO Michael Silvestro provided a comment on this award. “We couldn’t be prouder of our team for their dedication to safety over the past two years. Through some of the most unique and challenging times in our industry, we have been steadfast in continuously exceeding the safety standards and raising the bar on our already high standards in aircraft maintenance.”

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