Russian Airlines Plans to Fly in April

With the tensions between Russia and Ukraine still going on, airlines have been warned not to fly over the Ukrainian territory. On top of that, Russia put a halt for their international flights and made no plans to fly anywhere else across the globe.

Since then, however, they are making plans to fly internationally. Aeroflot Airlines, one of Russia’s most notable airlines, made it public that they will be flying internationally. They will be flying this week, and will ramp up their international flights schedule going forward.

Aeroflot’s flights will leave from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport and arrive at Solombo’s Bandaranike International Airport in Sri Lanka. The majority of their fleet is comprised of Boeing aircrafts, and have a large inventory of them.

This past 2 months though, they had a lot of their inventory left at the airports as they were not allowed to fly back from countries in the European Union. Vitaly Savelyev, Transport minister, said that 78 of their aircrafts were “arrested in foreign countries and would not return [to Russia].” He then added, “But we are not losing hope, and we are not handing anything back either. To do so would mean to leave ourselves without air fleet.”

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