Soulja Boy Lies about having a G5

Soulja Boy is notorious for showing off his money and having a bunch of fancy cars, jewelry, and houses. His next possession that he tried to show off was owning a Gulfstream V, which is valued around $55 Million.

He then posted a picture on a private jet that he claimed to be his own. In reality, he partnered with a private jet company and chartered a private plane around the world. This was something that he evidently lied about, and Soulja Boy came out and said that he was going to start his own private jet company called SB Airline in response.

He took a video of himself in the aircraft and alleged that the aircraft was his. Fans of his didn’t forget when he lied about owning the aircraft in the past as well, and were quick to call him out on it.

For him, it might be worth it to stick to cars. He has quite the collection of automobiles, and recently added a McLaren GT to it which was gifted by Ray J.

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