US extends Takeoff Rights to Airlines in NYC and D.C.

Federal officials have confirmed that they are extending the time that airlines in NYC and Washington D.C. have with regards to their takeoff rights. This will allow airlines to not only keep their strong positions in major airports, but also have more time on their hands in their assigned slots.

In 2020, federal officials waived the rule for airlines that fail to use their assigned slots at major airports, that they would risk losing their slot entirely. Now, two years later, that rule that was waived is still in effect which gives airlines more leverage, freedom, and bandwidth to complete their flights.

This is especially prevalent in major airports like NYC, D.C, and Los Angeles since those are the places with the most activity and volume. This decision to extend this rule is in effect until October 29th, 2022 and will be assessed further upon that date.

The Federal Register provided clarity on their decision in the following statement. “[the extension was given because of] the evolving and highly unpredictable situation globally.” With U.S air travel stabilizing and the aviation industry rebounding, the industry is making small steps into a full recovery.

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